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Police Chief                                    Bill Coffey


The Edisto Beach Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality police service to those who live and visit Edisto Beach. We are dedicated to protecting life, property, and maintaining order while assuring fair and equal treatment to everyone.

Accomplishments FY 2012-13

  • Maximize visibility by optimizing uniform patrol's deployment
  • Increase traffic safety through consistent enforcement, analysis of traffic data
  • Increase the quality of investigations with standardized case files and supervisory reviews
  • Strengthen partnership with county regional authorities to investigate crimes including drug trafficking
  • Implement National Incident Management System
  • Continue working cooperatively with regional partners in disaster exercises
  • Review response and evacuation plans
  • Expand use of media to educate and inform public and promote the department
  • Capture information from the community to measure satisfaction and support
  • Maintain consistent equipment in-service status
  • Monitor budget for opportunities to reduce costs
  • Aggressively pursue outside funding sources
  • Initiate partnerships with other agencies to obtain and share resources
  • Improve exchange of information with department laterally and through the chain of command
  • Monthly training in areas of safety, critical incidents, traffic stops, etc.
  • Seek funding through US Government and other sources to purchase additional equipment
  • Updated hurricane plan and notification list
  • Renewed intergovernmental agreements
  • Implemented risk institute training that provides all employees ability to take online training
  • Participated in agility recovery, a web based system that enables Town to obtain needed equipment and maintain data during an emergency
  • Purchased updated software for records management
  • Applied for and received grant funding to upgrade radios and purchase cameras for department

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