November 16, 2018 Update

November 16, 2018 Update-McCall Brothers has begun drilling the pilot hole for Well No. 7. 

November 14, 2018 Update-McCall Brothers have mobilized on site and plan to begin drilling Well No. 7 on November 15, 2018.  They will be drilling throughout the weekend.  They will be shutting down operations for Thanksgiving.  

October 22, 2018-Utility locates have been completed so construction on the lots at 2502 Lee Street can begin.  Contracts have been let for the well drilling at well site 7 and 8 to McCall Brothers.  This contractor is familiar with Edisto Beach since they installed Well 6 on Dock Site Road.   They are preparing construction submittals for approval. 

Contracts have been let for the construction entrance.  We are using the same contractor (JR Wilson) that is constructing the Myrtle Street Drainage project. They have also been approached for a price to install the cross pipe on Myrtle Street at Sunset to prevent conflicts with that project.  

Wharton Smith will be installing the sign at the site and installing safety fence.  Murdaugh tree service has been hired to remove the trees on the site.  The Town will mitigate removal of those trees removed according to our ordinance.  Lee Frank will be conducting the surveys on the site for layout of the construction project.  The Bay Company has been hired to install the silt fence around both sites.  

The Permit to Construct the raw water transmission line has been issued by DHEC.   

Posted by Iris Tuesday, October 23, 2018 8:15:00 AM