Town Council

Jane Darby

Jerome Kizer

Crawford Moore

Susan Hornsby

Patti Smyer

Town Council Meeting and Holiday Schedule 2016


The vision of the Town of Edisto Beach is to maintain Edisto Beach as a family sanctuary.


The mission of the Town of Edisto Beach is to enhance and maintain Edisto's reputation as a family-oriented, vacation destination while accomplishing the following goals:

1.  Beachfront Management and Preservation

2.  Water Quality Improvement

3.  Governmental Relationships

4.  Equitable State ATAX Legislation

5.  Staff Priorities

6.  General Budget/Special Finances


2011-2012 Legislative Initiatives

2012-2013 Goals and Action Plans

2013-2014 Goals and Action Plans

2016-2017 Legislative Initiatives

Council Contact Information

Jane S. Darby, Mayor 
1110 Byrd Street
Edisto Beach, SC  29438

843-869-4306 Home

Jerome Kizer, Councilman

509 Palmetto Boulevard
Edisto Beach, SC  29438
843-869-2148 Home

843-830-8668 Mobile

Susan Hornsby, Councilwoman
3771 Docksite Road
Edisto Beach, SC  29438

843-869-3155 Home

Crawford Moore, Councilman 
609 Portia Street
Edisto Beach, SC  29438

843-703-2200 Mobile

Patti Smyer, Councilwoman
3213 Myrtle Street
Edisto Beach, SC  29438
843-631-0806 Home

803-206-2029 Mobile